Vertical Formation skydiving

Vertical Formation skydiving

Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) takes Formation Skydiving and flips it vertically, so flyers remain either head-up or head-down relative to the net. Similar to FS, VFS competitions split into different events based upon the number of team members participating, with separate categories based on skill. 4-way offers Advanced and Open classes both of which require all flyers to have strong head-down flying skills. 2-way teams have the option of Rookie, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open categories. Rookie teams fly only on their belly and back; Intermediate fly belly, back, and sit; in Advanced 1 flyer must fly head-down; and in Open both flyers must be able to safely fly head-down.


2-way competitions offer 6 Rounds and 4-way usually has 8 Rounds, each Round consisting of a randomly drawn sequence of Random and Block moves, Draw. Each Round will receive 1 minute of flight time, and 45 seconds of said time will be judged. Teams acquire points for accurately completed Blocks and Randoms, and at the end of all Rounds, the team with the most points, wins. The VFS dive pool shows all of the Blocks and Randoms that may be drawn for a given competition or training camp.


1-3 Judges (depending on the scope of the meet) will score the competition live from the flight deck or from video playback of a top-down or bottom-up camera with full view of the flight chamber. The complexity of 4-way usually requires it be watched from video. Judges are allowed to re-watch Rounds to ensure they have awarded accurate scores.

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The IBA distinguishes between the sport of indoor skydiving (engaged in by patrons with IBA accounts seeking approval of flight skills though the IBA's Flight Progression System) and recreational flying (engaged in by entertainment customers who do not intend to pursue approval of skills). While indoor skydiving is safe for all ages, the inherent risk of the activity is necessarily greater for those engaging in the sport of indoor skydiving, particularly as they progress through more sophisticated maneuvers.