2-Way VFS Advanced


Prior to starting to learn the Advanced Dive Pool, you will need to be sure that you can confidently fly each individual skill pertaining to the dive pool. As a proficient static flyer that is comfortable flying with a partner and completing routines from the intermediate dive pool, you can now begin learning the more technical formations and picking a sequence from the 2-way VFS Advanced dive pool. 

The entire pool offers an extensive variety of sequences which will challenge your flight ability as no two sequences will be the same, so the variety will rapidly increase your skill level and we encourage you to compete as soon as possible to test your skills!

The 2016 edition of the 2 way VFS rules was updated to assign letters to random formations and numbers to block sequences, similar to what is done in other Formation Skydiving events. This is different from the previous 2 way VFS rules wherein every formation was assigned a number.

Please see the complete Dive Pool for Rookie/Intermediate/Advanced/Open described below with new and former names. Also, note that the video above displays the previous names and an updated video is currently in the works.

Dive Pool

Note that the video displays formations for Belly/Back, Head-Up, and all Head-Down Orientations. In the Head-Down Orientations section, some moves shown are not in the Advanced class, but restricted to the Open class.


BB-A Belly Star (formerly BB-01)

BB-B Back Star (formerly BB-02)

BB-C Belly Closed Accordion (formerly BB-03)

BB-D Mixed Closed Accordion (formerly BB-04)

BB-E Back Open Accordion (formerly BB-05)

BB-F Mixed Open Accordion (formerly BB-06)

BB-G Back Side Body (formerly BB-07)

BB-H Mixed Side Body (formerly BB-08)

BB-J Back Cat (formerly BB-09)

BB-K Mixed Cat (formerly BB-10)

BB-L Back Stair Step (formerly BB-11)

BB-01 Back Grip 360 Grip (formerly BB-12)

BB-02 Back Grip Over/Under Grip (formerly BB-13)

HU-A Single Grip (formerly HU-01)

HU-B In-Facing Double Grip (formerly HU-02)

HU-C Out-Facing Double Grip (formerly HU-03)

HU-D Hand-to-Foot (formerly HU-04)

HU-E Hands-to-Feet (formerly HU-05)

HU-F Feet-to-Knees (formerly HU-06)

HU-G Totem (formerly HU-07)

HU-H Foot-to-Foot (formerly HU-08)

HU-J Double Spock (formerly HU-09)

HU-01 Grip 360 Grip (formerly HU-10)

HU-02 Grip Carve Grip (formerly HU-11)

HU-03 Grip Flip Grip (formerly HU-12)

HU-04 Grip Over/Under Grip (formerly HU-13)

HD-A HDJoker (formerly HD-01)

HD-C Mixed In-Facing Double Grip (formerly HD-03)

HD-E Mind Warp (formerly HD-05)

HD-F Double Spock (formerly HD-06)

HD-G Sole-to-Sole (formerly HD-07)

HD-J Vertical Closed Accordion (formerly HD-09)

HD-K  Sixty-Nine (formerly HD-10)

HD-03 Grip Carve Grip (formerly HD-13)

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