Neutral Belly Position


Flyers must be able to demonstrate a neutral and stable belly flying position to begin their progression.

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The belly-flying neutral body position is the first position you’ll learn as your introduction into the world of body flying. First, your instructor will give you a briefing that will cover all the safety aspects of the tunnel, along with the basic information for beginning the neutral belly-fly position. This will include information on how to assume the correct position from the entrance and how the instructor will assist you in exiting once each flight is complete.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully demonstrate a neutral belly-fly position, while staying in the center of tunnel. You’ll need to have this position down pat before you learn how to maneuver yourself around the tunnel (learning to turn left and right, and flying up and down).


You will start in the center of the wind tunnel. Depending on how stable you are, you may require the help of the instructor who will hold you to keep you stable while giving you specific hand signals to help you correct your position. When you are stable, the instructor will release you. At this point, you will aim to hold your position in the center of the flight chamber by making minor corrections as necessary.

Post-flight questions / suggestions

  • How did your performance match the initial objectives?
  • Were you able to maintain stability throughout while holding the neutral position? Both basic and advanced position?
  • What techniques did you feel comfortable with and what can you improve on during the next session?


The basic belly flying position is the most fundemental but necessary skill to your flight progression, understanding its characteristics and how to control the neutral position will be most important prior to moving to the next skill.