Head Down Out Face (HS)


Flyers must be able to demonstrate controlled carving movements while flying head down, in either direction while facing the tunnel wall throughout.

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Before learning to carve out-face head-down at higher speeds you should have first learned to belly carve at lower speeds to develop the correct body position and then progressively turned the wind up to higher speeds. The higher speeds force your body into a more vertical orientation, which we differentiate as head-down. 


Your objectives in mastering this skill should be the following:

o   To carve out-facing head-down in a consistent circle around the tunnel.

o   The carve should be done in the correct body position, with you legs straight and together and you body as long as possible, with a slight arch in your chest.

o   The carve should be performed in both directions.

Completing this skill is one of the fundamental skills that will open up lots of new combinations in your dynamic routines.

Post-flight questions / suggestions

  • How did your performance match the initial objectives?
  • How much control have you managed, versus just going fast in circles?
  • Were you able to maintain the correct body position?
  • Did you maintain a consistent level and shape of the carve?

Now that you have learned to carve both in-facing and out-facing head down you can begin to learn how to switch between these two skills. As you progress, be sure that you are comfortable out-facing and in-facing in both directions along with carving at different wind speeds and adjusting the size of the circle that you are carving.