2-Way Head Up Dynamic


Now that you are becoming proficient as a dynamic flyer and are becoming comfortable flying with a partner, learning each of the skills and possibly putting together routines while flying together. It is at this point where you might begin learning from the dynamic dive pool and selecting a sequence. The head up pool offers the opportunity for less experienced flyers to try their hand at the dynamic lines without ever having to go onto their heads.

 The pool offers a variety of sequences which will challenge your flight ability as no two sequences will be the same, so the variety will rapidly increase your skill level and we encourage you to compete as soon as possible to test your skills!

Flyers will need to demonstrate that they have adequate knowledge of the 2-way Head Up Dynamic Dive Pool and can confidently fly a selection of sequences drawn from the dive pool.

Dive Pool

Note that the video playlist includes every dynamic skill. In the Head Up dive pool, only Head Up snakes, layouts, and moves are performed.

4. Head Up Snake

5. Head Up Switching Snake

9. Classic

10. Front Layout

14. Head Up Circles

15. Head Up Shuffler


For a complete description of each formation, visit the 2 way Dynamic Rules.

Challenge Yourself! Use the IBA Draw Generator to randomly select a Draw then go fly it!

Additional videos

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