Belly to Back Transition


Flyers must be able to demonstrate a controlled transition over their feet from their belly to their back.

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Before you begin to learn transitions between orientations you should be comfortable and balanced in each of the orientations. To learn to this transition you should be stable and aware in both Belly Flying and Back Flying orientations. It’s not necessary, but ideal, if you are also comfortable Knee Flying as well. Knowing how to Knee Fly will help break down the transition and allow you to fly it much more smoothly. 


·      You should aim to fly this transition with as much control as possible.

·      Try to imagine an arc of momentum to give you the time necessary to fly through the transition.

·      Begin and end the technique on the same level.


With this transition you want to imagine an arc of momentum. Knowing how to use this momentum will give you the time necessary to develop the correct body position. You should set up in the center of the tunnel, roughly hip height of the instructor, and aim to finish at the same level. 

Post-flight questions / suggestions

·      Were you able to remain stable as you moved between orientations?

·      Did you start and finish the maneuver on the same level?

·      Were you able to use the knee-fly technique to break down the transition?


Once you become comfortable with the Belly-to-Back, Back Flip skill and you are proficient at using the whole tunnel to complete the maneuver, you will progress on to the next skill, the Back-to-Belly Front Flip. This skill is essentially the same transition in reverse.