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IBA Membership Fee Starting May 1st 2023

IBA Membership Fee Starting May 1st 2023


With effect from 1st May 2023, there will be an annual $20 fee to be an IBA member. Since the IBA was formed in 2003, it has been free to all members. This enabled us to support the growth of the community by providing a range of different benefits to both instructors and flyers. Since then, we have continually improved the safety and flight training content. This has been an important and meaningful investment in the safety of our membership, and we plan to use the new membership fees to continue this safety-focused journey by providing many more updates and benefits.

If you have an IBA account and you have all Flyer Level 1 skills completed/approved, you will be required to pay the $20 membership and will be prompted through the payment system when you first login after the 1st May 2023. New accounts opened after this date will not require payment until all Flyer Level 1 skills have been completed/approved, and then payment will follow the same process. The key change for to note is that if you choose not to subscribe and you are a Level 1 flyer (or higher) then you will be unable to access your dashboard and use the logbook and flight progression system. In addition, an instructor will be unable to approve your flight skills unless you have a paid account. Also, at some wind tunnel facilities, you will be required to have an IBA account to demonstrate your competency and currency and you will not be able to do this unless you subscribe.

Note: If you have an account and do not intend to fly or use the account for an extended period of time, you will not incur any charges for the account to remain dormant. The IBA will not alter or delete your account and details unless specifically requested to do so. The only time the fee will apply is when you plan to login to your account and begin logging flight skills or flight time to show currency/proficiency. 

We realize that this change may be frustrating, and the transition will take some time to settle, so we suggest you act early post 1st May 2023. A Key Facts document is available for download to guide you through the main changes. Thank you for your continued support in maintaining the high safety standards that we enjoy and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Membership Key Facts Guide

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The IBA distinguishes between the sport of indoor skydiving (engaged in by patrons with IBA accounts seeking approval of flight skills though the IBA's Flight Progression System) and recreational flying (engaged in by entertainment customers who do not intend to pursue approval of skills). While indoor skydiving is safe for all ages, the inherent risk of the activity is necessarily greater for those engaging in the sport of indoor skydiving, particularly as they progress through more sophisticated maneuvers.