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Flyer Safety - Be Part of a Team

Flyer Safety - Be Part of a Team

We all love to fly, and both the IBA and iFLY are committed to supporting you throughout your amazing journey. Our number one priority is the safety of all our flyers and staff and the IBA website has a range of training aids to help you, so check it out before you fly at www.tunnelflight.com. We’re inviting you to be part of the safety team. Help us keep you and your fellow flyers safe by following these top tips.


Flyer Safety - Be Part of the Team!

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The IBA distinguishes between the sport of indoor skydiving (engaged in by patrons with IBA accounts seeking approval of flight skills though the IBA's Flight Progression System) and recreational flying (engaged in by entertainment customers who do not intend to pursue approval of skills). While indoor skydiving is safe for all ages, the inherent risk of the activity is necessarily greater for those engaging in the sport of indoor skydiving, particularly as they progress through more sophisticated maneuvers.