2018 World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

2018 World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

October 26, 2018 - October 28, 2018

At the 2017 FAI Plenary meeting, four wind tunnels put forth bids to host the 3rd World Cup of Indoor Skydiving - VossVind in Norway, Hurricane Factory Tatralandia in Slovakia, Gravity Indoor Skydiving in Bahrain, and iFLY Downunder in Australia. 

After hearing from all parties, the committee voted and Gravity Bahrain took the majority vote, with 21 of the 66 ballots.

Below is the excerpt from the FAI website detailing Bahrain's bid:

"Being one of the world’s tallest, full glazed tunnels at 19.5 metres, Gravity was one of the first brands to build a tunnel to host competitions and a facility based on hospitality.

The location also boasts a never before seen 8.3 metre video screen facility. State of the art technology and smooth wind speed – relax and rehearse in space other tunnels do not have. Its extraordinary height means it can offer a base jump facility - one of only 2 tunnels in the world that can do so and each competitor will be offered that experience once the comp is finished.

Sponsorship from high profile Bahrain business and government will enable officials and judges to be accommodated at 5 star hotel to include local transport and food. The entry fee has been reduced from $740 to $599. In addition, prize money totalling $200,000 will be on offer. Judges Training course will also be offered. Opening ceremony at a Japanese award winning restaurant, with the closing ceremony earmarked at the 5* Ritz Carlton, on their private island. Special rates with Gulf Air are also anticipated.

They too are offering two dates, namely 21 – 25 March 2018  or 24-28 October 2018. Teams will also be offered 15 mins free tunnel training time."

You read that correctly - $200,000 in cash prizes and 15 minutes of free tunnel time. 

For all details and schedule follow ---> http://wcis2018.com/