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The International Bodyflight Flyer Ratings Program allows flyers to document their abilities and experience so that they can safely develop their skills. This program is designed to provide the flyer with a direction for growth and to maximize their learning, while the documentation facilitates supervision of flyers by instructors to promote safety. The Flyer Program is a step-by-step progression:

  • Flyer
  • Flyer Level I
  • Flyer Level II
  • Flyer Level III
  • Flyer Level IV
  • Flyer Pro

Flyers initially choose between two paths: Belly Fly and Free Fly. Belly Fly is where the flyer is oriented belly-to-earth in the tunnel so that the wind is on their stomach. This discipline traditionally involves groups of people linking together to build formations in the air and transitioning from one formation to the next as rapidly as possible. Free Fly involves learning to fly in multiple orientations so that flyers can have complete freedom of movement within the tunnel, as well as flying in groups and building formations. In addition to belly flying, free flyers learn to fly on their backs, in a seated position, and on their heads. To learn more about how this progression of skills works, click here.

Belly Fly

Back Fly

Sit Fly

Head Down
The skills that are developed for each discipline include sitting still, moving forward, backward, up, down, sideways and turning. Flyers also learn how to enter and exit the tunnel, pick-up and present grips to build formations, fly with others and do transitions. For belly flying, transitions are defined as moving from one formation to the next, while for free flyers it is doing a flip, cartwheel or barrel roll.

Belly Fly Transition

Free Fly Transition

As a flyer's skills progress and they possess a desire to work with other flyers in the tunnel, they may also choose to follow a coaching path:

• Coach Level II • Coach Level III • Coach Level IV

Flyers can eventually reach the level of "Flyer Pro", once they have completed the Belly Fly, Free Fly, and Coach Paths, which allows them to exercise any flyer skill in any SkyVenture tunnel.

The accompanying “IBA Flyer Ratings Chart” and “Transitions” pages provide an outline of all the flyer ratings and the skills that must be mastered for each level. To properly utilize the ratings program, you must follow these instructions:

  • Flyers may only learn an unchecked item with the approval, and under the supervision of, an appropriately rated instructor. The appropriately rated instructor for an item is indicated in the check box next to each item.
  • Flyers can perform any item that has been signed off at the tunnel where the skill was learned, while under the supervision of an any instructor.
  • Completed levels are universally recognized at all IBA tunnels.
  • Flyers that have not been in the tunnel in the previous six months may be subject to additional restrictions and / or supervision.
  • Flyer and Coach ratings can be suspended or revoked at the discretion of any Trainer, for any violation of the progression or for failure to follow direct instruction. Suspension or revocation can be appealed to the IBA’s Senior Examiner, whose decision is final.

Your progress can be tracked on this website. You can register using the tools in the left-hand margin of every page to register. Once your registration is complete you will have a listing in our flyer directory and your own "Flyer Rating Chart." This chart provides a place to document completion of particular skills with the signature of an appropriately rated instructor. The name of the instructor and the date the box was checked appear in a small pop-up window when you hover the cursor over a checked box.

The checkboxes that make up this chart are itemized below and give you some idea of what skills you must demonstrate in order to be signed off for a particular checkbox. These definitions also appear as pop-up information boxes on a flyer rating chart page when you hover the cursor over a particular item.

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