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After completing the training course, how often do instructors get evaluated?

Once the course is complete you will receive an Instructor Rating. Management and training staff at facilities aswell as your team will constantly evaluate each instructor's progress in order to strive for greatness. Generally formal evaluations should be conducted every eight weeks.

Do you get skydiving credit for tunnel time?

No.  However, the wind tunnel is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to learn about almost all aspects of the free-fall portion of skydiving.  Most skydivers actively use the tunnel to improve their flying skills.  

Is it required that a tunnel instructor is present in the tunnel when I am coaching?

A current and on-duty tunnel instructor must always be present in the tunnel during all flight sessions.

May I bring my GoPro into the tunnel?

Most tunnels do not allow foreign objects into the wind tunnel as they could get loose and become a hazard, destroying the object and potentially damaging the tunnel itself.