Results of the IBA Global Kids Challenge

October 06, 2016

Indoor skydiving is an incredible sport for its ability to create a level playing field. Age,  gender, all barriers can be broken once inside the wind.

Kids around the world ages 6-16 showed just how talented there were in the 2016 IBA Global Kids Challenge earlier this week, Tuesday October 4th. 2 way Formation Skydiving teams turning more points than judges could count & Freestylists showing off smooth moves most adults might be too scared too try. 

The results are absolutely incredible. 

4 Nations

25 Freestylists

19 2way teams

12 hours of tunnel time up for grabs

Thank you to all competitors, coaches, families, tunnels, and judges that helped make this one-of-a-kind event special!

Drum roll please....

Freestyle Intermediate

Final Results

1. Hannah Lewis 

2. Aleksandra Kogalovski

3. Donovan Fenton

Score Sheets

Freestyle Advanced

Final Results

1. Coralie Boudreault

2. Kaitlyn Cummings

3. Jessica Dunn

Score Sheets

2way FS Intermediate

Final Results

1. Team Squared

2. Air Devils

3. iFLY Singapore Team 1

Score Sheets

2way FS Advanced

Final Results

1. Flashpoint

2. Tunnel Vision

3. Matthew & Emma

Score Sheets


*Note on 2way FS judging: final round scores were calculated by taking the average of the 2 scores closest to one another and throwing out the score that was furthest away. For the sake of time, only the top 6 teams were re-scored.


Your Prizes

  2way FS Int 2way FS Adv Freestyle Int Freestyle Adv
1st place 2 hours 2 hours 1 1/2 hours 1 1/2 hours
2nd place 1 hour 1 hour 45 mins 45 mins
3rd place 30 mins 30 mins 15 mins 15 mins




*must be flown at the tunnel in which the team/flyer competed in



So who were the IBA Judges?

For 2way FS:

Scott Latinis - long time skydiver and member of Dallas 350. Scott regularly hosts 2way flight nights at tunnels all around Texas and loves to fly with his 3-year-old grand-daughter Raigan.

Rusty Lewis- IBA Examiner, 4way FS competitor, and 2way MFS competitor, Rusty has been skydiving for almost 20 years.

Katrina Shows - member of Spaceland Lite and USPA-rated FS judge.

Chris Wagner - multiple World Champion former Golden Knights currently learning to freefly in the tunnel, Chris has 14,000 skydives and a USPA FS judge rating.

For Freestyle:

Chris Dixon - IBA Examiner and FAI-rated Artistic judge, Chris has competed & judged at the World level.

Mary Traub- multiple National and World Record holder in Large Formation Skydiving, and a Nationally Rated AE Judge.

Melissa Nelson-Lowe - 3rd generation skydiver with a long history of Freestyle competition, Melissa is currently the Event Organizer at Skydive Arizona.

Jami Pillasch - a USA Brevet rated gymnastics official, with an FAI-rating in Artistic Events, Wingsuit, and Canopy Piloting.

Ron Miasnikov - FAI-rated Artistic judge, whom despite being in Polan preparing for the 2016 World Cup, helped judge all of the videos.

Tamara Koyn - writer of FAI Artistic rules and former competitive Freestylist, Tamara is mostly responsible for making this Freestyle competition possible.

Bryce Witcher - holds a USPA AE-R and AE-N judge rating for artistic skydiving events, has 3 US national championship gold medals, 2 world championship silver medals, and 2 world championship bronze medals.


Bryce & Mary judging together in Phoenix